Breanne Mallison accepting the check from Scholarship Chairman Laude Hartrum.




Outdoor Science Scholarship Award


Every year the Fin & Feather Club awards a student majoring in the outdoor sciences a $1500 scholarship. The application can be obtained by contacting Laude Hartrum at 231 233-7633 or by obtaining an application on the Fin and Feather website (

     The applications have to be to the Chairman by May 31st of the year.

     This year there were three applicants that applied for the scholarship. The Scholarship Committee selected Breanne Mallison of FreeSoil. Breanne plans on attending Grand Rapids Community College and then transfer to either Northern Michigan University, Lake Superior or Michigan State to earn her bachelors degree in Natural Resources and Conservation.

Paul Butterfield Scholarship Award

Trooper Paul Butterfield was killed in the line of duty while patrolling in Mason County.  To honor Trooper Butterfield's memory,  the Fin & Feather Club has started a Law Enforcement Scholarship through West Shore Community College.  Each year a deserving student enrolled in the law enforcement program of West Shore College, receives $1,000 to assist with their tuition.  West Shore Community College makes the recommendation, of which outstanding student should receive the scholarship.