3-D Archery


         Our 30 target animal 3-D range is located to the north of our clubhouse.  A  gated entry enters into the property. Only members and their guests are allowed on the range.   Before you enter the 3-D range, we have [provided bagged targets to sight your archery equipment in.  We welcome all archers using traditional equipment, compounds, and crossbows.  Only target points are allowed on the range.  Strictly no broad-heads are allowed to shoot at the targets.     Leagues are possible if in demand.. 

       This is a pay to use range with members being charged $4.00 and their non member guests is charged $6.00 .  Entry fee must be paid before shooting the range.

        Our range consists of  various animal targets ranging from  whitetail, turkey, antelope, coyote, black bear, brown bear, javelina, mountain lion,  alligator, leopard and African antelope. 

         The range is open during normal club hours, seven days a week for the summer and fall months.

                                            Don Henry, Chairman  231 425-0739    e-mail:  deer_hunter_1104@yahoo.com





Indoor Archery League

 There is an indoor archery League that begins in January and continues until March.