About Us




Our 2019 Camp Season at Michigan OUT-of-DOORS Youth Camp is right around the corner which means that it's time to register your camper before we fill up! New to this year we are introducing online registration through CampDoc. Online registration is super simple! All you have to do is click the registration link, create an account for your camper, select the camp program that works best for you. Once you pay your spot will be locked in! You will then have some time to fill out your camper's health profile before camp starts! Here is the registration link: app.campdoc.com/register/mucc . You will still be able to register by paper and you can find the 2019 brochure at: http://www.mucccamp.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Camp-Brochure-2019.pdf 


Our camp has been creating young sportsmen, sportswomen and conservationists since 1946. Our program is so special and unique because not only do our campers get to experience the normal summer camp vibe, but they also get to be immersed into the outdoor recreation world that we all love so much. Our campers all get the opportunity to become Michigan Hunter Safety certified, shoot .22 rifles, learn archery, go fishing, kayak, hike, learn primitive skills and so much more! If you are still not sold please visit our website www.mucccamp.org where you can learn all about our programs and dates as well as register! 

If you know someone that might be a little too old for camp but absolutely loves the outdoors and working with kids we are also looking for staff for this summer. Send them over to the staff page of our website so they can learn more about joining our amazing camp team, http://www.mucccamp.org/about/staff/ 

If you have any questions please contact our Camp Director, Max, at mbass@mucc.org or 517-346-6462. We cannot wait to see you this summer!