Plaid Shirt Night


          The Fin & Feather Clubs annual Plaid Shirt Night is traditionally held on the first Saturday in November.  Captains table packages are available, as are single ticket seating options.  We hold $1.00 raffle for a wide array of firearms, outdoor related artwork, knives, trail cameras, etc.

          A $10.00 raffle for our evenings premier firearm and usually a deck of cards, raffle or two for fine scopes, trail cams etc. are also available.  We have an up and downstairs bar, as well as food service for our guests convenience, closed circuit televisions and P.A. system.

          Our event dinner is second to none.  We welcome all donations, sponsorship's, and offers of volunteerism.

          For more updated information, please watch for news on our Tattered Feather newsletter and our Facebook page.