About Us

Letter from Our President



My name is Chris Shimmel, and as I am the current President, I would like to welcome you to the all-new Fin and Feather Club of Mason County web site.

We hope that all your questions about the club can be answered by moving through each of the listed categories.

The Fin and Feather Club is a family friendly conservation and education club where no member receives any pay. We are strictly a volunteer driven club where we strive to introduce our youth to the great outdoor sports.

Our Past

 Our club was founded in 1936, by a small group of local people who wisely saw a need for a conservation club to be formed. The same year we became charter members in the Michigan United Conservation Clubs. Our first members paid the sum of 50 cents per year dues. Club meetings were held in a hall in Ludington, as the club had no property or club house. Extra funds were made by members holding plays and charging for entrance.  

Our Present

We now have a club house that we are very proud of and our property consists of 160 acres; plus, we lease an additional 80 acres. We have various shooting ranges to accommodate the interests of our members. Our club reached a mile stone this last year by having a membership of over 900 members, and it appears we may add to that amount this year. We keep our membership dues as low as possible in order for persons of all means to afford membership.

Our Future


To keep up with the needs of our members, a new Trap and Skeet and long range Rifle Ranges are being planned. Time will tell if we can continue to find dedicated people to donate their time and efforts to ensure our club continues to expand and meets the needs of our members. We invite the public to join us in conservation and the shooting sports by becoming Fin and Feather Club members.

Our Leadership


The Fin and Feather Club members, by vote, select who will lead and direct the direction and functions of the club. Any member, in good standing with at least one year of membership, can run for office.

Present leadership is shown below.

President: Chris Shimmel 231 239-2448 e-mail  shimmel1894@yahoo.com 

1st vice President Lance Christensen 231 757-9224 e-mail lancemargie@gmail.com

2nd vice President Bruce Finch 231 613-2481 e-mail nbfinch@yahoo.com

Recording Sec. Dick Herrmann 989 388-7044 e-mail ddherrmann449@gmail.com

Treasure Cindy Gleason 231 757-3515 e-mail cgleasonff@gmail.coml

Membership Sec. Nita Finch 231 690-0874 e-mail bearladytwo@live.com

Directors: Bruce Rosema, Tom Sheppardson, Dan Engelhardt, Rick Gleason, Darrell Rose (terms end Jan. 1st 2020) 

Directors: Russ Bosley, Jim Glover, Diane Zack, Frank Koehle, Don Henry (terms end Jan.1st, 2021)

The club president appoints members to chair the various functions, within the club: (alphabetical order)


  • 3D archery: Don Henry 231 425-0739 email: deerdunter1104@yahoo.com
  • Big Game Award Night—Frank Koehle & Nita Finch 231 845-7259 or 231 690-0874 e-mail: fkoehle@t-one.net or bearladytwo@live.com
  • Buildings & Grounds Administrator—Bruce Rosema 231 499-6000 e-mail: brosema@glwinc.us
  • Conservation—OPEN If interested contact President Chris 231 239-2448
  • Cowboy Action Shoot—Roger Lehrbass 231 343-2580 e-mail: rlehrbass@gmail.com
  • CPL/Basic Pistol/Ladies Pistol League—Jim Glover 231 845-5661 email: gloverjk42@hotmail.com
  • Eddie Eagle Program- Karen Zimmerman & Susan McCray-King 586 291-4806 or 231-690-5813 email: karen.zimmerman4@gmail.comor  or slmk56@gmail.com  
  • Friends program: Dan Engelhardt 231 510-1003 e-mail: dlengelhardt1@gmail.com
  • Grant writers- Laude Hartrum III & Karen Zimmerman 213 233-7633 or 586-291-4806 e-mail: laude.hartrum@gmail.com or karen.zimmerman4@gmail.com
  • Gun a Month Raffle—Tony & Diane Zack 231 757-2747 e-mail: 2envy@charter.net 
  • Hunter Safety—Frank Koehle & Nita Finch 231 845-7259 or 231 690-0874 e-mail: fkoehle@tone.net or bearladytwo@live.com
  • In-door archery: Chris Shimmel 231 239-2448 email: shimmel1894@yahoo.com
  • Kitchen—Lance Christensen & Diane Zack 231 757-9224 or 757-2747 e-mail: lancemargie@gmail.com or 2envy@charter.net
  • MUCC Camp—Cindy Gleason 231 757-3515 e-mail cgleasonff@gmail.coml 
  • MUCC: Jim Rasmussen 269 491-1103 email: mrras57@gmail.com
  • NRA: Dave Woodruff 231 898-4570 email: dcwoodruffsr@yahoo.com
  • Pistol ranges—Jim Glover 231 845-5661 e-mail: gloverjk42@hotmail.com
  • Plaid Shirt Night—Gordon Grossenbacher & Rick Singleton 231 843-9471 or 231 690-9332 e-mail: gordongr47@yahoo.com or richardsingleton75@yahoo.com
  • Rifle Ranges maintenance—Gordon Freeland & Darrell Rose 231 779-0404 or 231 690-2776 email: gordofreeland@yahoo.com or rose49431@gmail.com
  • Scholarships: Laude Hartrum III 213 233-7633 email: laude.hartrum@gmail.com
  • The Well Armed Woman—Susan McCray-King & Karen Zimmerman 231 690-5813 or 586 291-4806 email: twawmasoncountymi@gmail.com
  • Tracks magazine: Dick Herrmann 989 388-7044 email: ddhermann449@gmail.comt
  • Trap/Skeet/Small bore: Tom Sheppardson 231 757-3829 email: tom@sheppardson.com
  • Website-Susan McCray-King 231-690-5813 email: slmk56@gmail.com
  • Youth Silhouette Shoot—Mark Luc 231 690-7929 e-mail: lucemark@hotmail.com