The Big Sable River
By Wayne Andersen, Chairman
Big Sable Watershed Restoration Committee

The BSWRC recently completed a significant instream project on the Big Sable River. The completed large woody debris work in the river is very impressive. What impressed me most with this project was the cooperation of many people contributing to the success of the project and sharing their passion for the river.

From the initial planning to the completion of the last log placement, everyone involved cheerfully offered their time and expertise. Our committee with input from CRA Biologist Chris Pierce and Michigan DNR Fisheries Biologist Mark Tonello chose this section of river based on favorable water temperatures for trout and need for instream habitat for macro invertebrates, trout, reptiles and other wildlife.

Working with the riparian landowners in this area of the river was very enjoyable. All were very willing and cooperative in providing access and wood required for the project. One parcel of property had three generations of family involved in the project.

Shawn Kanouse and crew of Kanouse Outdoor Restorations  executed the work very well and were great to work with. They communicated very well with the property owners, CRA  Biologist Chris Pierce and the Big Sable Committee. Their work on the river was very professional.

I admire the completed project for its value to the river and its inhabitants. I also admire the people who contributed their time, money and expertise to insure the success of this project. Passion for the river is a very strong motivation for people.

Conservation Resource Alliance (CRA) – Part of our work at CRA is restoring the natural flow and function of our rivers. Another part is collaborating with the many partners that cherish those very waters. This summer’s work on the Big Sable embodied both elements of our mission.

We’re proud to report over 200 feet of whole tree revetment were placed on US Forest Service property as well as 45 instream habitat structures between Darr Road and just below US-31. Survey work has started for the next phase of habitat improvement work. Thank you Wayne and the Big Sable Watershed Restoration Committee for your hard work and dedication.

Casey Ressl, Annual Gifts Coordinator,
Conservation Resource Alliance