Big Game Awards Night


Big Game Award Night is one of Fin & Feather Club’s major fund raising events of the year. This night is dedicated to the big game that hunters have harvested the previous year. Commemorative Bucks of Michigan are on hand to score trophies that are brought in and displayed. Any hunter who legally harvests a free ranging big game animal is welcome to bring in their trophy and have it honored. Trophy’s and awards are presented for the largest white tails taken by means of archery or firearms. Awards and recognition are also given to our youth and female hunters. A full course meal is served at the event with a cash bar available. Raffles and a live auction highlight the evening with various guns and top of the line sporting items.

The annual Big Game Award Night was held on February 17, 2018 and was again a giant success. This event is one of the clubs major fund raising endeavors.  We had a full house of attendees who seemed to enjoy the added addition of firearms and raffle prizes that were available to them.
Again this year the key raffle was a big hit with the crowd.  We had a key raffle upstairs and one downstairs.  Trigger Time Outfitters from Big Rapids had two raffle tables loaded with firearms. A $10 ticket raffle table and a $20 card raffle table with firearms. The top $20 raffle gave the winner their choice of three firearms to choose from.  Richard Dust from Ludington was the recipient of choosing a Sako A7 7MM Rem.  The Bonus firearm, a Ruger 10/22 Syn 22LR was won by Ann Martin of Ludington.
Several attendees brought in their 2017 whitetail trophy racks and mounts.   New this year we had an overall men’s winner,   Martin Blakeslee winning a certificate from Trigger Time Outfitters, and Therese McClure being the overall women’s winner.   Kyle Acker and Jim Bosiboski came in 2nd and Lance Christensen placed 3rd.   Danielle Ringel was 2nd in the women’s division and Will Siegert was the winner in the youth division. We would like to thank Wayne Andersen, Kelly Ross, and Steve Stakenas from Commemorative Bucks of Michigan for scoring the racks.
This event was made possible by our donators, sponsors, volunteers and attendees.  We would like to express our appreciation to the following sponsors and donators:  Dr. Lew Squires, Squires Family Chiropractic, Dr. William Ingle, Ingle Family Care Chiropractic Center, and Dr. John Hendricks, Ludington Chiropractic for their generous sponsorship of the $20 firearm raffle.  Dusty’s Auto Body & Detail, Oak Grove Cremation & Funeral, Dr. Alan Mast, Gleason Pheasant Farm, Ludington Beverage (Budweiser),  Little River Casino, Sanders Meats, Sarfari Sun, Bob’s Roofing (Phil Landis), Cabela’s of Grandville, Magee Insurance, Dick & Peg Dunnill, Friends of NRA, David Kooi, Wal-Mart, Lundington Window Cleaning, Osborn’s Sports (Bear Lake), Ludington Bay Brewery, Pat & Sandee Donovan, Harbor Freight, West Shore Bank, Home Depot, Frank & Joan Koehle and Trigger Time Outfitters.
Thank you to Marcia Sadler and her staff for the outstanding evening meal and of course the evening would not have been possible without the help of our volunteers:
Randy & MaryJo Wolfe, Cindy & Rick Gleason, Lance Christensen, Dan Englehardt, Russ Bosley, Don Henry, Dick Dunnill, Mike Hill, Johnny & Megan Gilles, Joan Koehle, Michelle Hemmer, Dick Herrmann, Chuck Miller, Kate Trombley, Jeff Burns and Bruce Finch
Thank you to all who made the evening possible.
Frank Koehle & Nita Finch