We at the Fin & Feather Club are proud of our 3-D archery range. It is a range where both the skilled and the not so skilled can feel comfortable shooting. We have white stakes for shooters who prefer testing their skills at longer shots, red stakes for shooters who want to practice their bow-hunting shots, and blue stakes for our younger shooters. Our range consists of 30 large and small McKenzie 3-D Targets. The range is situated on over 50 acres consisting of hard woods, pines, cut-overs, valleys and ridges. Two tree stands complete with stair steps are included in the range. The range is open from early spring, weather permitting, to just before bow season. The range is open at all times to members, and non-members are welcome if accompanied by a club member. Two archery leagues are available during the year. The first being Black Fly Archery League, which starts in the spring and runs for 6 weeks, and Big Buck Archery League, which starts in late summer and also runs for 6 weeks. Dates and times for the leagues can be found in the calendar of events and also notices appear in The Tattered Feather Newsletter. Range fees and league fees are posted at the range and any additional information can be obtained by contacting the Archery Chairmen Don Henry at (231) 425-0739.
Atthe April 6th Board of Directors Meeting, the Board discussed and approved the relocation of the 3-D Archery Range to it’s new location on the north 40 acres. Discussion will continue on the long range use of said property. President, Chris Shimmel, had walked the property and reports that the terrain would be an ideal location for the new range. The current pole barn (garage) could be used for a get together place and storage for the archers.
Work will begin as soon as weather permits. Contact President Chris Shimmel or Archery Chairman, Don Henry if you have any thoughts or to help set up an archery range.
Chris Shimmel, 231 239-2448
e mail;
Don Henry 231 425-0739
e mail;