Hunter Safety Class

The first Hunter Safety Class will be held April 21st & 22nd in the Fin & Feather Clubhouse. There is no charge for the class, but you must attend both days and pass the Hunter Safety test to receive your Hunter Safety certificate.  The class is held form 9 to 3 on both days, with the club furnishing lunch.  Sign up for the class will be held  April 14th from 10 to noon at Captain Chucks in Ludington.  Any questions, contact Nita at 231 690-0874. The next class is scheduled for August 11th & 12th.

CPL & Basic Pistol Classes for 2018

The first CPL class for the year 2018 will be held April 13 & 14.  You have to be registered in order to take the class.  Cost of the class for Fin & Feather Club members is $50 and for non-club members $100. The class on the 13th is from 6 pm to 9 pm, and the class on the 14th is all day, with live shooting in the afternoon.  Contact Jim Glover at 231 845-5661 to sign up.  The classes fill up quick so call today.
Here is the schedule for the classes for the rest of the year.
June 1st & 2nd              August 3rd & 4th            October 5th & 6th

The first Basic Pistol Class will be held May 5th in the Fin & Feather Clubhouse from 9 to 5.  The cost is $20.  The live shooting takes place in the afternoon.  Contact Jim Glover at 231 845-5661 to sign up.  You have to be registered in order to take the class.  The schedule for the rest of the year is as follows:  September 1st.

Trooper Butterfield scholarship recipient.

Austin Buckingham

Austin Buckingham

The Club recently awarded a $1,000 scholarship in memory of Michigan State Police Trooper Paul Butterfield to Austin Buckingham during the February meeting. Buckingham, a resident of Fruitport, is a student in the West Shore Community College Criminal Justice Academy and plans on graduating from the program this May. He said his family owns hunting property in Mason County and he would like to work in the county as a law enforcement officer. He thanked the members of the Fin & Feather Club for their support and said the money will help offset the cost of college.

Paul Butterfield was killed on Sept. 9, 2013 in the line of duty during a routine traffic stop on Custer Road in Free Soil Township.

Big Game Award Night 2018

The annual Big Game Award Night was held on February 17, 2018 and was again a giant success. This event is one of the clubs major fund raising endeavors.  We had a full house of attendees who seemed to enjoy the added addition of firearms and raffle prizes that were available to them.
Again this year the key raffle was a big hit with the crowd.  We had a key raffle upstairs and one downstairs.  Trigger Time Outfitters from Big Rapids had two raffle tables loaded with firearms. A $10 ticket raffle table and a $20 card raffle table with firearms. The top $20 raffle gave the winner their choice of three firearms to choose from.  Richard Dust from Ludington was the recipient of choosing a Sako A7 7MM Rem.  The Bonus firearm, a Ruger 10/22 Syn 22LR was won by Ann Martin of Ludington.
Several attendees brought in their 2017 whitetail trophy racks and mounts.   New this year we had an overall men’s winner,   Martin Blakeslee winning a certificate from Trigger Time Outfitters, and Therese McClure being the overall women’s winner.   Kyle Acker and Jim Bosiboski came in 2nd and Lance Christensen placed 3rd.   Danielle Ringel was 2nd in the women’s division and Will Siegert was the winner in the youth division. We would like to thank Wayne Andersen, Kelly Ross, and Steve Stakenas from Commemorative Bucks of Michigan for scoring the racks.
Once a year at Big Game Award Night, a Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to a deserving club member.  This year the award was presented to Ed Sanborn for his many years of service and dedication to the club and his volunteerism to the club’s fund raising event.
This event was made possible by our donators, sponsors, volunteers and attendees.  We would like to express our appreciation to the following sponsors and donators:  Dr. Lew Squires, Squires Family Chiropractic, Dr. William Ingle, Ingle Family Care Chiropractic Center, and Dr. John Hendricks, Ludington Chiropractic for their generous sponsorship of the $20 firearm raffle.  Dusty’s Auto Body & Detail, Oak Grove Cremation & Funeral, Dr. Alan Mast, Gleason Pheasant Farm, Ludington Beverage (Budweiser),  Little River Casino, Sanders Meats, Sarfari Sun, Bob’s Roofing (Phil Landis), Cabela’s of Grandville, Magee Insurance, Dick & Peg Dunnill, Friends of NRA, David Kooi, Wal-Mart, Lundington Window Cleaning, Osborn’s Sports (Bear Lake), Ludington Bay Brewery, Pat & Sandee Donovan, Harbor Freight, West Shore Bank, Home Depot, Frank & Joan Koehle and Trigger Time Outfitters.
Thank you to Marcia Sadler and her staff for the outstanding evening meal and of course the evening would not have been possible without the help of our volunteers:
Randy & MaryJo Wolfe, Cindy & Rick Gleason, Lance Christensen, Dan Englehardt, Russ Bosley, Don Henry, Dick Dunnill, Mike Hill, Johnny & Megan Gilles, Joan Koehle, Michelle Hemmer, Dick Herrmann, Chuck Miller, Kate Trombley, Jeff Burns and Bruce Finch
Thank you to all who made the evening possible.
Frank Koehle & Nita Finch

Dear Conservationist!

Today, the Michigan Legislature rushed passage of legislation which removes protections against the introduction of new aquatic invasive species stowing away in ballast tanks, and ignores the threat they pose to Michigan communities and our outdoor economy, heritage and values.

HB 5095 strips away the Department of Environmental Quality’s requirement that ocean-going vessels docking at Michigan ports demonstrate that they will not introduce aquatic invasive species into Michigan waters, or that they use environmentally sound technologies to prevent the transfer of aquatic invasive species if they discharge ballast water. Instead, HB 5095 would require only that ships follow inadequate Coast Guard standards for ballast water to obtain a permit. Moreover, the U.S. Coast Guard technologies are not currently installed on any ocean-going vessels until the ships next dry docking schedule, which could be 3-5 years out from now, thus leaving Michigan waters unprotected from new introductions of invasive species in the interim.

Sea lampreys, zebra and quagga mussels arrived in the Great Lakes through ballast water tanks and cost millions each year in control, habitat and environmental damage. The aquatic invasive species we have in the Great Lakes cost us too much already; let’s not let new ones in by weakening our protections against ballast water invaders!

Michigan United Conservation Clubs and the National Wildlife Federation thank Governor Snyder and the Department of Environmental Quality for opposing this weakening of our ballast standards; please call Governor Snyder at 517-373-3400 and ask him to veto HB 5095 and protect the Great Lakes!

Please call today!

Fin & Feather Memorial

Fin & Feather Club has constructed a Memorial dedication to past and or present members with their name on a brick.  The bricks can be obtained for $50. The Memorial is located in front of the clubhouse. A memorial dedication will be held once a year to honor the past and or current members. Bricks can have 3 lines and 14 characters per line, which includes spacing and punctuation.  To obtain a brick, conatc Frank Koehle at 231 845-7259.

New Gun a Month Raffle

Tickets are now available for the new Gun a Month Raffle. Ticket price remains the same $50 each. You need not be present to win, but you MUST be 18 years of age and be eligible to purchase a firearm. The first drawing will be October 11, 2017. After that date no more tickets will be sold. Only 300 tickets will be sold. Contact Diane or Tony Zack to buy your ticket or to help sell the tickets. (231) 757-2747, e-mail Don’t wait till the last minute, get your now!!!!!Here is a list of the dates and firearms of the raffle.:
October 11, 2017—GSB 1911 22LR/Rem59F target 22LR
November 14, 2017—Rem mod .270 200th commemorative Edition w/walnut stock
December 13, 2017—Weatherby VGT 2.308 w/walnut stock
January 10, 2018 —Rem mod .870 12ga 200th commemorative Edition w/walnut stock
February 14, 2018—Beretta Px4 storm 40 cal. w/3” barrel
March 14, 2018 — Winchester SXP turkey 12 ga 3.5 mag 24” barrel
April 11, 2018 — Stevens mod. 555 12 ga O/U w/walnut stock
May 9, 2018 — Weatherby VDT .243 sporter w/walnut stock
June 13, 2018 — Smith & Wesson mod. 637 .38 special w/laser sight
July 11, 2018 — Weatherby VTG 30-06 w/weatherguard stock
August 8. 2018 — Carbon express covert CX-35 L crossbow pkg, w/ lighted scope & arrows
September 12, 2018 —Browning AB3 fmm-08 w/walnut stock

Fin & Feather Club Meetings

The schedule for the Fin & Feather Board of Directors meetings for 2018 is as follows:
April 4th        August 1st      October 3rd    December 5th    January 7, 2019.

The next club meeting will be March 14th. On the menu for the evening is roast pork w/sauerkraut, potatoes 7 gravy, vegetable and a dessert.  The cost of the meal is $8.00 will all you cane eat.  The dinners start around 6 pm.

NRA Join/Renew on Line

Members, if you would like to become a NRA member or would like to renew your NRA membership, contact David Woodruff at 231 898-4570 or by e mail at Join today and to help keep our firearm rights!!!!

The Fin and Feather Club of Mason County is located at 3276 N. Darr Road, Scottville, Michigan, and has something for everyone.

  • Family Oriented Activities
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Dedication To Conservation
  • Shooting Sports
  • Archery Sports
  • Comfortable Clubhouse

Located on 160 acres of spectacular woodland in the center of Mason County, Michigan. The club is less than 10 miles east of the Lake Michigan shoreline and approximately half way up the lower peninsula. The area is host to an abundance of deer, turkey, squirrels, rabbits, many species of birds, and other animals.



PLAID SHIRT NIGHT - NOVEMBER 1ST. ( Tickets available at the August meeting.)

Our plaid shirt night preparations are underway. We are seeking members or sponsors of prizes, donors of prizes, art work, crafted items, or cash donations to Plaid shirt night . All donations will be welcomed, and advertised throughout our Tattered feather, website, and face book. ( unless anonymity is preferred ). We are also seeking members that want to help out by selling tickets, setting up , or helping with one of our various chores, prior to, during, or after our event. please contact Gordon if you are interested in helping our club to continue on with our various community, youth, and lady projects. GORDONGR47@YAHOO.COM - 231 843 9471



The Fin and Feather Club of Mason County Michigan would like to thank the NRA Foundation for their generous grant of two muzzle loading rifles with scopes, 500 rounds of .223 ammunition, 2000 targets, and 10,000 rounds of .22lr ammunition! This will be used for our ongoing Hunter Safety courses. The award of this grant enables us to provide the tools, education, and detailed instruction necessary to promote safe shooting and gun handling procedures to our many hunter safety students each year.