Our doors will be open at 5:00.  Please have your bonus gun / entry ticket stubs filled out, and ready to drop into the jug at the greeting table. Then take some time to walk around and checkout our evenings selection of fine firearms, and top notch table prizes -  several of which will be larger in size, and in number of items than normal for this year .  We will be happy to provide you with assistance loading them into your vehicle at the end of the evening,  or arrange pick up for you on the next day. Enjoy a cold beverage, and relax. Our dinner is scheduled to begin at 7:15,  and will be served buffet style. Please review our posted firearms policy before entering any of our firearm raffles – there are no exceptions.   Last, but not least please take a moment to thank our terrific group of volunteers for their selflessness,and dedication in providing you with a truly quality experience.