Gate Locks-May 1st, 2015-thru May 1st, 2016

We have purchased new, higher quality locks for the main gate and for the North annex gate.  The NEW combinations will be in effect beginning May 1st, 2015.  If you have not renewed your Fin & Feather Club Membership, you will be denied access.  If you lost your renewal form to renew your membership, contact Membership Secretary Nita Finch at 231-690-0874 or e mail;

Spring Work Bee, May 17th

On May 17, the Fin & Feather Club will have their annual Spring Work Bee to get things spruced up and ready for the coming year.  Breakfast will start at 8:00 AM and assignments for work will be given out then.  There will be many chores such as painting, raking, clearing brush, general cleanup, etc., so bring any equipment such as rakes, shovels, chainsaws, tractors, etc that you can to help out that day.  If you cannot make the work bee, you can help by calling members who may not have gotten the message.   Calling members is a big job that needs the help of many members. If you can help with the calling list, contact  Nita at 231 690-0874 and she will give you a list of members to contact.

22 cal. Egg Shoot

Starting Saturday, May 9th and each 2nd Saturday of the each month, the Fin & Feather Club will be having a 22 cal. Egg Shoot.  Registration starts at 9:30 AM, with shooting at 10 AM.  Cost for Fin & Feather Members is $6.00 and $8.00 for non club members.  The targets will be 15 Grade A Large eggs.  20 shots; 5 sighting shots max (paper target) and 15 shots for score (1 shot per egg).  Time; 5 min. prep time, 5 min. sighting time and 15 min. shoot for score.  There will be two classes; Open (100 yards, any safe 22 LR. cal. rifle, any sights).  Sporter (50 yards, any safe 22 LR cal. sporting rifle, Max 9 power scope).  Rests or support (front bipod or bags only); no slings or rear support other than hand.  Spotting scopes may be used.  For more information, contact Russ at 231 843-0246 or Jim 231 873-4525


10 Spot Rifle Shoot

Starting Saturday, May 2nd and every first Saturday of each month, there will be a 10 Spot Rifle Shoot. Registration starts at 12:30 PM, shooting will start at 1:00 PM.  The cost for Fin & Feather Members $5.00, non club members $7.00.   Targets; NRA – A17; 15 shots; 5 sighting shots max (center bull); 10 shots for score (1 shot per bull).  Time; 5 min. prep. time, 5 min. sighting time, and 10 min shoot for score.  There will be two classes; Open (100 yard, any safe rife, any caliber, any sights) & Sporter (50 yard, any safe sporting rifle, max. 9-power scope).  Rests or support (front bipod or bags only; no slings or rear support other than hand).  Spotting scope may be used. For more information contact Darrell 231 690-3578 or Derek 231 690-5439

Scholarships 2015

Once again it’s time to start accepting applications for the Scholarship Program.  The Fin & Feather Club will be awarding a $1,500 scholarship for a student majoring in the outdoor science field.  Letters will be going out to the area schools and a notice will be in the Ludington Daily News and on the website and on face book.   Applications will be due by April 30th so the committee can review the applications prior to the May regular club meeting.  Announcement of the winner will be announced at the May 13th club meeting.  Contact Laude Hartrum at 231 233-7633 or by e mail to get an application.  Please pass the word to anyone who might be eligible for the scholarship.

Click here for the application

Shotgun Shooting Class

Do you want to lean how to shoot that shotgun that has been sitting in your gun safe for years?  Well, the Fin & Feather Club will be sponsoring a skeet shooting class to teach you how to shoot that shotgun.  The class will be held at the Fin & Feather Club Skeet Range on April 15 & April 22 (Wednesday nights), from 6:00 PM to 8:00 pm.  The instructors for the class will be Tom Sheppardson and Bruce Krieger.  There is no cost for the class except for the targets.  Bring your shotgun and some shells and have some fun.  For more information, contact Bruce Krieger 231 757-2279.

Hunter Safety Class

The first Hunter Safety Class will be April 18 & 19 at the Fin & Feather clubhouse.  The class will run from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM each day.  Sign up for the class will be at Captain Chuck’s in Ludington on April 11, from 10:00 AM to noon. You MUST sign up and receive the workbook to attend the class. There is no cost for the class and lunch will be provided on both days. For more information contact Nita at 231 690-0874 or Frank at 231 845-7259.

The Fin and Feather Club of Mason County is located at 3276 N. Darr Road, Scottville, Michigan, and has something for everyone.

  • Family Oriented Activities
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Dedication To Conservation
  • Shooting Sports
  • Archery Sports
  • Comfortable Clubhouse

Located on 160 acres of spectacular woodland in the center of Mason County, Michigan. The club is less than 10 miles east of the Lake Michigan shoreline and approximately half way up the lower peninsula. The area is host to an abundance of deer, turkey, squirrels, rabbits, many species of birds, and other animals.




The Fin and Feather Club of Mason County Michigan would like to thank the NRA Foundation for their generous grant of two muzzle loading rifles with scopes, 500 rounds of .223 ammunition, 2000 targets, and 10,000 rounds of .22lr ammunition! This will be used for our ongoing Hunter Safety courses. The award of this grant enables us to provide the tools, education, and detailed instruction necessary to promote safe shooting and gun handling procedures to our many hunter safety students each year.